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The Flower Pot Tree is designed to turn your individual flower pot into a beautiful flower tree. The Flower Pot Tree is constructed from a 2" square aluminum post with four welded units bolted to each side. As your flowers grow, they grow into a beautiful looking flower tree. The Flower Pot Tree holds up to four standard 10" - 12" dia. flower pots. The units are made from 5/16" dia. steel rods welded to 3/16" steel angles for extra strength. The entire holder is painted with a textured black powder coating. The post is recommended to be cemented in the ground to your desired height. 

The Flower Pot Tree is also designed to add (as an option) a rod and plate for your house number. The plate will hold up to five 2" self adhesive numbers. The Flower Pot Tree would be a unique addition to your landscaping. Its a great idea for the driveway entrance or a compliment to your flower beds.


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